Interior car accessories.

Discover our range of interior accessories.

Tailoring your travelling spaces to suit your lifestyle is as easy as adding accessories that complement how you spend your leisure time. So if you and the folk you live with like getting dirt under your nails, and your feet, and splashed all over your sporting gear, then some fitted car mats front and back might be a worthwhile investment.

All our interior accessories are custom designed to fit and match your Hyundai and include a 5-year accessory warranty[A1] when fitted at our service centres.

Floor mats and boot liners.

Do you bring a lot of the great outdoors into your car? Well rain, hail or shine and through dirt, sand and snow, you can rely on our range of durable, high-quality floor mats and boot liners to be a defensive layer between the physical challenges you love to do and the clean floors in your Hyundai.


Pet seat covers.

Love taking your dog to places they can get dirty, sandy or wet? Or just want to limit the amount of fur? Put one of these tough, durable and extremely protective covers in your back-seat space. Easily adjusted for easy in-&-out access on either side of your car, these covers will keep your seat, door and floor surfaces clean and dry.


Seat covers.

If you’re doing it right, good old-fashioned outdoorsy-type fun can get pretty messy. And you can tell because it ends up not just all over you, but on a lot of other places you don’t want it to. To keep all that sand, salt-water, sunscreen and anything else from messing up your front and back seats, our super-tough neoprene seat covers are your best bet.


Cargo barriers.

You’re on the road. You brake suddenly. And your cargo barrier stops your tools, camping gear, sports equipment and anything else in the back from joining you in the front. Our high-strength cargo barriers are manufactured in Australia to Australian quality standards to ensure superior protection in the most demanding situations.


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[A1] All Hyundai Genuine accessories are subject to 5 years warranty if purchased at the time of a new Hyundai and fitted by an authorised Hyundai Dealer. Visit here for full warranty terms and usage recommendations.